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Political Communication / Public Affairs


Political Communication / Public Affairs





Your organization’s strategic decisions depend on political support? You want to convince political stakeholders of the relevance of your issues, but you do not know who the responsible stakeholder is? You need profound insights into the political decision-making processes at state, federal and EU levels to assess risks and opportunities for your business model? Do you need the support of key stakeholders (trade unions, NGOs, associations)?

If you want to shape political processes, you have to know your own goals and potential and enter into dialogue with the relevant decision-makers – to create long-term competitive advantages.

ADVICE PARTNERS supports companies, institutions, and associations in all matters of political communication – as a reliable and flexible partner. We connect you with decision makers. We accompany you throughout political processes, always focusing on your goals, and help you to represent your interests successfully. Never before have there been as many diverging objectives expressed by various stakeholders, all seeking to enter and influence the political process.

ADVICE PARTNERS provides you with suitable political-strategic analyses and concepts. From an outsider’s perspective, political and administrative processes are often perceived to be confusing. ADVICE PARTNERS guides you through them on every level you need: municipally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

We develop tailored solutions for you so that your issues and concerns are heard. We meticulously analyze your business environment and potentials – and at the same time keep an eye on potential limits to guide you reliably through the various political processes.

Most importantly, those who want to enter into a dialogue must know what they want to communicate and which convincing arguments they need to have prepared. That is why we work together with you to develop credible arguments and position papers. Based on this strategic foundation, we organize your political dialogue, establish contacts and support you in building alliances. Enter the political discussion – and be part of what is shaping it.

In addition to short-term goals, dealing with long-term management issues is an additional challenge. Whether it is a smoldering conflict or a sudden change of public opinion, issue management is the right answer to deal with the challenges that your organization is facing in the long term.

  • Active Control of Economic, Social or Political Issues to Protect Your Interests
  • Conceptualization and Implementation of Themed Campaigns

The more companies share your concerns, the better. Finding the right alliance partners – also across industries – and using them to the benefit of your organization is crucial. Equally important is coordinating and consolidating common interests. Because the more supporters you can find for your cause, the more weight it carries with stakeholders.

  • Developing Strategic Alliances with Relevant Stakeholders
  • Planning, Developing and Implementing Politically Orientated Press and Media Relations or Campaigns
  • Press Releases and Conferences

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Politische Kommunikation Boris Barth

Boris Barth

Senior Consultant
Politische Kommunikation Christopher Voggt

Christopher Voggt

Senior Consultant | Manager Business Strategy


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