Our consultants combine all the disciplines of modern communication management and have many years of operational experience stemming from holding leadership positions in business, politics, and associations. With our interdisciplinary expertise, we offer experience-based consulting. We aim to create concrete outcomes and competitive advantages for our clients.

The long-standing and well-coordinated cooperation of the management team and the close integration of the various business units enable the rapid implementation of all strategic and communicative measures for any challenge. At ADVICE PARTNERS we practice what we recommend to our clients: to think and to act in an interdisciplinary manner.

ADVICE PARTNERS – managing communications – creating solutions

  • Management-Team

Bild von Thorsten Hofmann, Managing Partner
Thorsten Hofmann
Managing Director
Bild von Anja Feuerabend
Anja Feuerabend
Managing Director
Nicole Heyder
Bild von Hans-Georg Klose
Hans-Georg Klose
Executive Consultant
Bild von Maren Schoening
Maren Schoening
Executive Consultant
Bild von Regine Petzsch
Regine Petzsch
Executive Consultant
Bild von Christian Kollmann
Christian Kollmann
Chairman ECCO

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