Transpareny in consutling

Increasing globalization and constant social change present new challenges to management consultancies across the globe. The ability to provide sound advice, transparency and professionalism are of paramount importance.

Therefore, ADVICE PARTNERS commits itself to comply with the code of conduct of the German Association of Political Consultants, the Code de Lisbonne of the Confederation Europeenne des Relations Publiques (CERP), and the online guidelines of the German Public Relations Council.

Our Values

Our commitment to our clients and our employees is the underlying principle of what we do. It is our aspiration not just to develop plans, but also to contribute to the sustained improvement of our client’s performance and reputation. We see ourselves not just as consultants, but also as partners. In many instances we establish long-term relationships with our clients and continue to support them for years on end. While doing so, ADVICE PARTNERS looks at the challenges of each organization as an independent outsider, offering our clients advice from the perspective of upper management.

Our work is based on values which bind us to the highest possible professional standards. ‘Client first’ is the most important principle of everything we do. For us, putting the client’s interests first means that we only accept a new mandate if our consultants are convinced that we can significantly contribute to resolving the challenges the client faces.

The precondition for objective consulting free from any external influences is the professional independence of ADVICE PARTNERS: The business capital is owned by our managing partners. If one of the partners leaves, the corporation buys back the partner’s shares. It is imperative for us to handle customer information highly confidentially and with extreme care, to ensure a trusting partnership with our clients. When joining the company, all consultants accept that guaranteeing this trust at all times by maintaining necessary confidentiality is part of our code of conduct.

For our consultants, joining ADVICE PARTNERS means having the chance to constantly develop themselves, and – given exceptional performance – a stellar career. Our working culture is inclusive and free from hierarchical structures. Senior consultants and partners support individuals in their development as well as in building their professional networks and benefiting from the know-how of their colleagues. To ensure the best possible development of our employees, we encourage constructive criticism at all times.

Professionalism and high-quality standards are fundamental prerequisites for reliable advice.


Association of Public Relations Agencies (GPRA)

ADVICE PARTNERS is a member of the Association of Public Relations Agencies (GPRA). As the association of leading public relations and communication agencies in Germany, the GPRA sets the industry standards in the public relations sector and promotes exchange amongst its members and opinion leaders. Membership of the GPRA is subject to strict admission criteria.

German Association of Political Consultants (de’ge’pol)

ADVICE PARTNERS is a member of the German Association of Political Consultants (de’ge’pol). As a professional association, it represents the common goals and values of its members across party lines. It contributes to discussions on ethical values, trust, and transparency.





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