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Is your company about to be restructured? You have to cut jobs and relocate plants? Mergers & Acquisitions stir up your organization? New systems or behaviors are about to be implemented and you encounter resistance and rejection? You want to revitalize your mission statement and unite all managers behind you?

Whatever change you are aiming for – we will make it a success.

We support you in designing and implementing your change process. We enable you and your managers to take control – as fast as possible. We take responsibility – together with you.


People are at the center of change. They must trust the desired change process and be prepared to support it within your organization.

For existing trust to be strengthened or new trust to be developed, people need to know and understand the purpose of change, the goals and the path to change.

The key to success is to start with the organizational culture and its multipliers. A deep understanding of individual and organizational psychology is the solution.

We support you in developing vibrant strategies and structures that “take people with you” and take your company in the desired direction.


Change communication ensures that the employees are the change – resulting from new strategies and structures. We use techniques based on the findings of modern psychology research as well as systems and chaos research. In this way, we think and act closely to human nature.

Change communication trains and supports management and executives, ensures that change competences develop and thus helps to create an agile company. This way change becomes an integral management function instead of a “project from above”. Change communication guarantees independence from the consultant and the consulting system.

Change communication takes responsibility while ensuring that the organization can take ownership of the change.


“Where there is life, there is change” – that has always been and will always be the case. Every change you make in your company takes place against a specific background. This includes previous change projects as well as the unique history of your company.

With targeted and proven instruments, we examine the foundation of your change. We involve all relevant stakeholders – managers as well as employees. We perform reputation and media analyses. We evaluate relevant stakeholder’s positions with regard to their specific significance for the project. We look into your own individual change history and keep parallel projects in mind.

With the help of our analyses, we can help you understand internal and external expectations. This shows which priorities need to be set.

An overview of our services
  • Conducting Audits and Surveys
  • Conducting Conversations with Managers
  • Creating Stakeholder Mappings
  • Performing Communication Analysis
  • Creating Leadership Guidelines, Mission, and Vision
  • Reconstruct Change History
  • Analyzing Parallel Change Processes
  • Clarifying Expectations
  • Prioritisation, Creating Awareness


A strategy combines a bundle of measures and rules within a given timeframe to achieve a specified goal. This strategy forms the basis of your project and is an essential starting point for your communication strategy. If you have both at your disposal, you can decide purposefully with whom, when, how, where and about what you talk and what to do additionally.

In the beginning, there are different scenarios for all change projects. For all these eventualities we prepare communication concepts because only very rarely can rely on the same pattern. This also means that at different times and with different courses of events, a different story has to be told. We support you in strategy and planning and, if necessary, help you to further develop the scenarios or adapt them to new developments.

An overview of our services
  • Strengthen Management, HR, and Communication as Change Drivers
  • Workshops with Executives
  • Developing Core Messages
  • FAQs
  • Planning of Appointments and Events
  • Defining Communication Cascade
  • Training and Coaching According to Individual Needs


Whatever strategic measures you plan to implement – our change specialists support you with their specifically tailored expertise. We develop the right strategies to involve employees in the project regardless of their position in the company. We moderate workshops and (large) group events, coach specialists and managers and accompany you and your team through regular feedback.

Our project managers can organize the change process for you or support you in all situations – from setting up the project office to optimizing your time management. If a project unintentionally runs into a crisis situation, we can call in experienced specialists from our CRISADVICE unit and support them ad hoc.

If the project requires additional resources, we can be your extended support unit. Whether for internal or external communication – with years of professional experience we have expertise in all necessary written, personal or digital tools.

An overview of our services
  • Making Management Visible as Initiator (interviews, Quotations, Presence)
  • Making HR and Communication Visible as Communicators
  • Involving Managers as Ambassadors
  • Include Employees in Installing Sounding Boards
  • Support Internal Communication:
  • Verbally
  • Print
  • Online
  • Group/Large Group Events
  • Support External Communication:
  • Public Affairs
  • Press Relations
  • Social Media


Success in communication is measurable. Concrete statements on the success of all communication levels can be drawn up using various instruments. How is the initiation of communication to be assessed regarding costs, processes or the successful integration of all parties involved? How is the availability of messages and offers to all stakeholders to be evaluated? What direct or indirect effects did the communication offers have? Moreover, what business impact has communication had? If you can assess these issues using facts, then you will not only be able to report on successes; you can also lay the right foundation for future approaches.

An overview of our services
  • Continuous Monitoring of Communication Success
  • Integrating Opinion-Formers in the Long Term Through Feedback
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Analyze Media and Social Media
  • Conduct Reviews of Existing Strategies and Content on this basis

ADVICE PARTNERS – Contact Person

ADVICE PARTNERS – Contact Person

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